Sundowner Group

The Sundowners Group consists of the Sundowners Bar and Guesthouse and its two subsidiaries, the Bistro Restaurant & Lounge Bar. The concept is that each complements the other with the ultimate aim of providing our guests/customers with fond memories of “Sundowners” and how we took care of them during their visit.

All are situated on the exit road in the Royal Paradise Complex.

The Group is in the best possible location, central and convenient to everything, ten minutes walk to the Beach.

You never know who you’ll meet in Sundowners.

John and Aek, the owners, together with their management team, Chai (Sundowners Bar) and Tingley (Bistro & Lounge) have between them, over the years, amassed an incredibly large variety of friends from all over the world.

Bar and Guesthouse

    Bistro Restaurant & Lounge
    Trips & Tours
  • Airport Transfers
  • Complimentary WiFi Internet
  • Motorbike Rental







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