Natural Wonders

Natural Wonders of Phuket and Phang Nga Bay

Given the change of Phuket’s visitors, there are now many Eco Adventure activities whether swing from tree to tree on a zip line or trekking through the jungle to the Big Buddha Statue overlooking the East side of Phuket as well as biking through the various rubber tree plantations on Phuket Island or experiencing the hot springs in Phang Nga.

Exploring Phang Nga Bay, you get to experience the many islands with their amazing limestones cliffs and the famous James Bond Island which is about 75 km North East of Phuket, as well as Koh Panyee, the village entirely built on stilts. Phi Phi Islands are 46 km south east and Similan Islands are 120 km northwest of Phuket. Khao Lak is 100 km away along the west coast, past the connecting bridge, while Krabi is 150 km driving along the east coast, past Khaosok National Park.