About us – Phuket Loves You Club

Phuket Loves You club (PLU)  is a non-profit organization made up of Thais, Farang expats and LGBT-friendly businesses throughout Phuket with a common goal of building a stronger sense of community for all the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender) people living in Phuket.

The (PLU) Phuket Loves You has 3 main objectives:

  1.  Build a stronger gay community in Phuket consisting of both Thai and Farang (Foreigners)
  2. Raise money for LGBT & HIV Charities in Phuket, through which we will be able to offer our Thai friends better access to quality sexual health information and support. One of our chosen charity areas is called ‘community project’ which will work closely with the Sabaidee clinic. (See the ‘Charites page for more information about all of our chosen charity partners).
  3. Create fun events throughout the year for us all to enjoy, including Phuket Pride week.
  4. Encourage more LGBT tourists and visitors from all over the world to come to Phuket and particularly Patong, where the large majority of gays and transgender people live and come to party. We want and bring closer together the LGBT communities of Phuket.

Although Phuket Pride has been running for many years, 2012 was the year that PLU organised it. Although we only had 4 months to organise it,together with other events such as Mr Gay Phuket by Fong Kaew, Phuket Pride week raised almost 300,000 Baht for charity. We were also able to build good foundations for future years Pride weeks to enable us all to grow Phuket Pride week into a truly international event.

We are a group of LGBT & LGBT friendly businesses and residents, who have many years of organizing Pride Celebrations. We accept, that as farangs with business and retirement visa’s and work permits, we are restricted in how much of an active part we can play and operate within the limits of Thai law.